Visionday Posters

The guidelines for poster contribution can be found below together with the list of registered posters. This page will be continuously updated until the venue starts.

Poster chairman:
Hildur Einarsdottir
hildr 'at'
Building 321, office 215
(+45) 4525 5939

All submitted posters must follow these guidelines

  1. The poster must be in A0/A1 format.

  2. If you participate with a poster, please indicate this during registration and notify the poster chairman by email. Please supply information regarding:

    • All authors.
    • Poster title.
    • Current enrollment (BSc, MSc or PhD).

  3. The following should be sent to the poster chairman no later than May 13th:

    • An electronic version of the poster (.pdf).
    • Poster PRINTING SERVICE for DTU STUDENTS: Email your poster (.pdf A0 format) to the poster chairman no later than May 7th and inform the poster chairman that you wish to have it printed. The poster will be ready for pick-up at the day of the conference at the registration desk.

  4. On the day of the conference

    • Simply bring your poster(s). Boards and pins for set-up will be provided, and you should immediately set-up the poster upon arrival at the conference (after registration).

    • Posters will be exhibited until the end of the conference.

Two poster templates can be found here; portrait.ppt and landscape.ppt.


    1. Kristian Ryder Thomsen and Kristian Berg Thomsen
      Linear Motion Deblurring [download]
    2. Marietta Kokla
      Texture Analysis and Multivariate Classification models in CT Images from dogs with Pulmonary Thrombosis [download]
    3. Monica J. Emerson
      New Imaging Technique Allows Improved Foregin Body Detection [download]
    4. Janus Nørtoft Jensen and Morten Hannemose
      Camera-based Vital Sign Measuring [download]
    5. Katrine Brandt Albrektsen
      Image based characterization of circulating tumor cells [download]
    6. Søren Matthias Goldschmidt
      3D Reconstruction of the Human Head [download]
    7. Maxim Khomiakov
      Analysis of Pharmaceutical revenue drivers [download]
    8. Nanna Thorning-Schmidt and Marie Højen
      Visualization and quantication of mouse bone structure by CT [download]
    9. Nicolas Tiaki Otsu
      Classification of the anatomy on 3D scans of human heads [download]
    10. Alessandro Dal Corso
      Real-Time Rendering of Translucent Materials with Directional Subsurface Scattering [download]
    11. Guilheme Alexandrino
      Monitoring dehydration on pharmaceutical tablets using temperature-series near-infrared hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics [download]
    12. Rasmus Dalgas Rasmussen
      Reconstruction Algorithms for Material Phase Contrast Tomography [download]
    13. Søren Trads Steen
      Segmentation of retinal layers in OCT images using optimal graph search [download]
    14. Ralph Harti
      Imaging liquids in pores - Beyond X-ray tomography [download]
    15. Viggo Larsen and Tobias Grønbeck Andersen
      Fur Modelling and Rendering - a hybrid approach [download]
    16. Anna Müller
      Using ultrasound in monitoring induced ovarian maturation in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) [download]
    17. Mikkel Liisborg Hansen and Rasmus Jessen Aaskov
      Detection of threat items: Airport security [download]
    18. Julian Kopka Larsen and Jesper Løve Hinrich
      Leverage based sampling for classification [download]


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