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Graphical Visionday 2005

Organisations, companies, and individuals with an interest in computer graphics are invited to join the Computer Graphics Visionday on Friday 3 June, 2005. The Graphical Visionday is a day with talks, posters and exhibitions on computer graphics. The Graphical Visionday is organized by Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, DTU with help from the Danish Chapter of the International Game Developers Association and the Øresund IT Academy.


Registration for the Graphical Visionday can be done here. The registration fee includes participation in the lectures, exhibition, proceedings, refreshments, and lunch.

For members of the Danish Automation Society (DAu), the Danish Robotics Society (DIRA), the Danish Biomedical Society (DMTS), the Danish Optical Society (DOPS), the Danish Pattern Recognition Society (DSAGM), the Danish Remote Sensing Society (DSTM), International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and Øresund IT Academy a reduced fee is applicable.


08.00 Registration, exhibition, demonstrations, coffee, and rolls
Session 1: Sponsored by the Biophotonics Network, Speaker appears courtesy of Microsoft
09.00 Welcome and introduction
Professor Knut Conradsen, IMM, DTU
09.10 Keynote address
Precomputed Lighting: Theory and Practice [slides]
Peter-Pike Sloan, Microsoft
1010 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations
Session 2
1020 The Architecture of the Kapow Systems Engine [slides]
Jacob Marner, Deadline Games
1040 Near Real-Time Multibody Dynamics with Stacking [slides]
Kenny Erleben, DIKU
1115 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations
Session 3
1130 Presentation of student posters
1200 Lunch, exhibition, demonstrations
Session 4: Sponsored by the Biophotonics Network
1300 Using RenderMan for Ray Tracing and Global Illumination in Complex Scenes [slides]
Per Henrik Christensen, Pixar
1350 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations
Session 5
1410 Integrating DirectX Shaders in 3ds Max - A Developer's Perspective [slides]
Neil Hazzard, Discreet
1500 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations
Session 6
1520 Real-Time Indirect Illumination [slides]
Jeppe Revall Frisvad, IMM, DTU
1540 Imaging in Mobile Entertainment applications [slides]
Lars Halling, Softhouse
1600 The Torque Game Engine [slides]
Steen L. Nielsen, IMM, DTU
1620 Poster prize and concluding remarks
Andreas Bærentzen, IMM, DTU
1635 Exhibition, demonstrations, refreshments
1800 The Graphical Visionday ends
This is the final program, subject only to minor changes.

Sponsors & Contributors



The list of Visionday exhibitions can be seen here.


Students are strongly encouraged to bring posters.
There is a great prize for the best poster, and you get a chance to show a demo program during the poster session. If you want to bring a poster or see the list of posters: click here.

Conference Chair and Committee

J. Andreas Bærentzen
phone: +45 4525 3414
email: jab 'at'

Program committee
Thomas Rued, IGDA, Digital Arts
Bent D. Larsen, IMM, DTU
Mikkel Gjøl, VR-C


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