Visionday Posters

The guidelines for poster contribution can be found below together with the list of registered posters. This page will be continuously updated until the venue starts.

Poster chairperson:
Astrid Engberg
Building 321, office 215

All submitted posters must follow these guidelines

  1. The poster must be in A0/A1 format.

  2. If you participate with a poster, please indicate this during registration and notify the poster chairman by email no later than May 4th. Please supply information regarding:

    • All authors.

    • Poster title.

    • Current enrollment (BSc, MSc or PhD).

  3. The following should be sent to the poster chairman no later than May 8th:

    • An electronic version of the poster (.pdf).

    • Poster PRINTING SERVICE for DTU STUDENTS: Email your poster (.pdf) to the poster chairman no later than May 8th at 10 AM and inform the poster chairman that you wish to have it printed – also specify if it is A0 or A1 format. The poster will be ready for pick-up at the day of the conference at the registration desk.

    • Send powerpoint slides (either .ppt or .pdf) for the poster teaser session no later than May 8th at 5 PM.

  4. On the day of the conference

    • Simply bring your poster(s). Boards and pins for set-up will be provided, and you should immediately set-up the poster upon arrival at the conference (after registration).

    • Posters will be exhibited until the end of the conference.

      Two poster templates can be found here; portrait.ppt and landscape.ppt or visit this page for a Latex template.


    • Name: Patrick Møller Jensen
      Poster title: Characterization of stone wool using fiber tracking based on local orientation (pdf)

    • Name: Simon Rabbe
      Poster title: Movable Mesh for Tomographic Reconstruction - Prototyping and Testing (pdf)

    • Name: Lasse Lehmann
      title: Hunting plasma from the sun (pdf)

    • Name: Jasmin Mahdavi
      Poster title: Development of a new picture based image-processing program to analyse and categorise peristomal skin (pdf)

    • Name: Isabel Amalia Jepsen
      Poster title: Stain Normalization in Digital Histopathology Images (pdf)

    • Name: Betina Kopp Pedersen
      Poster title: Improved system of reference for analysis of craniofacial growth (pdf)
      [Best poster award]

    • Name: Benjamin Cordes
      Poster title: Characterization of Complex Fibre Structures Based on Fibre Tracking (pdf)

    • Name: Riccardo Loggini

      Poster title: Per-Pixel vs. Per-Vertex Real-Time Displacement Mapping (pdf)

    • Names: Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Harald Løvenskjod Mortensen and Kasper Pryds Rolsted
      Poster title: Classification of military vehicles in SAR imagery (pdf)

    • Names: Lars Emil Haslund and Thomas Ramsing
      Poster title: Image Based Flow Analysis Of Blood Cells For Malaria Diagnostics (pdf)

    • Name: Martina Pilar Jolanda Stella
      Poster title:
      Gray Seals’ Crania Landmarks Detection: 3D Digitizer Pen VS 3D Optical Scanner (pdf)

    • Names: Thea Salomon Pedersen and Christine Stampe Hvidtfeldt
      Poster title: Image Analysis For Diagnosing Uveitis From OCT Images (pdf)

    • Name: Tiago Ramos
      Poster title: Flexible 3D tomographic alignment and reconstruction of phase-contrast projection data (pdf)

    • Name: Jeppe Thagaard
      Poster title: Detecting lymph node metastases in breast cancer using deep learning (pdf)
      [Best poster award]