Vision Day 2018 Programme
Programme top
Industrial image analysis
Technologies for life science
Computer graphics
Medical image analysis
GEO and Remote sensing

08:30 Registration and breakfast

Welcome and introduction

Professor Rasmus Larsen / Provost of DTU


Ultrasound imaging of blood velocities, pressure gradients,
capillary flow and brain waves

Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen / DTU Elektro

10:15 Refreshments, networking

Deep learning in medical image analysis

Session Chair: Anders Nymark

Remote sensing and spatial statistics

Session Chair: Allan Nielsen

Modern deep learning

Ole Winther / DTU Compute

Ice charting in Greenland waters, past and future

Leif Toudal Pedersen / DTU Space and David Malmgren-Hansen / DTU Compute

Next-generation computational pathology using deep learning

Jeppe Thagaard / Visiopharm A/S

Change analysis in time sequences of big data from Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar

Allan A. Nielsen / DTU Compute

Deep learning for medical image analysis

Akshay Sadananda Uppinakudru Pai / DIKU

11:15 Poster and demo teasers
11:45 Refreshments, networking

AI and Robots

Session Chair: Andreas Bærentzen

Innovative applications

Session Chair: Jens Michael Carstensen

AI in Soft Robotics

Morten Engell Nørregård / DIKU

Augmented Reality and 3D Scanning for Construction Sites

Bent Dalgaard / Dalux

Remote Reality Robots in health care

John Paulin Hansen / DTU Man

The Worlds first intelligent home-entertainment system for dogs

Hanne Jarmer / Go Dogo

12:45 Lunch, poster and demo session, networking

Imaging and modeling of the heart

Session Chair: Rasmus Paulsen

Imaging and visualization

Session Chair: Anders Dahl and Jeppe Frisvad

Evaluating new blood flow imaging methods using finite element analysis and tissue-mimicking flow phantoms

Marie Sand Traberg / DTU Elektro

Deep appearance analysis and reproduction

Tobias Ritschel / University College London

Use of 3-Dimensional Models to Optimize Pre-Procedural Planning of Percutaneous Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Per Ejlstrup Sigvardsen / The Heart Center - Rigshospitalet

Multi-scale imaging of plants: growth, drought, and pathogens

Kaare Hartvig Jensen / DTU Fysik

Comprehensive Cardiac CT imaging for phenotyping in individuals with suspected or confirmed heart disease

Klaus Fuglsang Kofoed / Rigshospitalet

15:00 Refreshments, networking


Session Chair: Anders Dahl and Tim Dyrby

Voxels, Topology, and Shape

Session Chair: Andreas Bærentzen

Illuminating brain activity: from neurons, vessels to global function

Yi He / Danish Research centre for MRI

GVDB Voxels for 3D printing, scientific data, and motion pictures

Rama Hoetzlein / NVIDIA

Application of hyperspectral infrared nanoimaging for biomedicine

Oxana Klementieva / Lund University

Giga-Voxel Computational Morphogenesis

Niels Aage / DTU Mechanical Engineering

16:30 Poster prizes and closing
19:00 Dinner