General information

Organizing committee:
Rasmus Reinhold Paulsen
General Visionday Chair
Manja Gildhoff Jensen
Behnaz Pirzamanbein
Visionday co-chair,
Poster and webpage
Andrea Luongo
Demo session chair
ASM Shihavuddin
Visionday co-chair
and A/V responsible
Fie Victoria Fogh Rasmussen

Registration desk:
Upon arriving at the Visionday conference site you are encouraged to collect your badge at the registration desk (near the entrance).

Layout of the site:
The layout can be found here. The talks take place in two of the auditoriums 71-74.

Information for presenters:
Each of the auditoriums will have an assigned Audio/Visual responsible who will assist in getting your presentation on screen. They will also be able to assist, should you wish to use a microphone or the speaker system of the auditorium. You may use your own laptop or the computer of the auditorium. You should however have tested your presentation before your session. So please contact the A/V responsible in one of the breaks before your session.

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