Visionday 2015 Programme
Programme top
= Industrial image analysis,
= Technologies for life science,
= Computer graphics,
= Medical image analysis
08:30 Registration and breakfast

Awesome and Abysmal User Experience in Consumer Devices

Nikolaj Sonne / DR Videnskab

10:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Track keynote:
Machine Vision with Depth: Industrial Imaging with High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Cameras

Ritchie Logan / ODOS Imaging

Track keynote:
Animation Workflow: Technical Challenges and Artistic Expression

Svend Nordby / The Animation Workshop

Track keynote:
Perspectives on Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Computer Vision

Rasmus Nielsen / Berkeley - Center for Theoretical Evolutionary Genomics

11:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Fluorescence Spectral Imaging

Jens Michael Carstensen / Videometer A/S and DTU Compute

Topology Optimization for the Masses

Morten Nobel-Jørgensen / DTU Compute

Studies on the Influence of Weather Patterns on Regional Pollution using Statistical Classification Methods

Prof. Ahmet Palazoglu / University of California, Davis - Chemical Engineering and Material Science

Computer Simulation of Fluorescence Loss in Photobleaching

Christian Valdemar Hansen / Southern University of Denmark

Cutting a Path to Freeform Geometry in Architecture

Asbjørn Søndergaard / Odico

Real Time insights on Development in the European Labor Market

Peter Berg Jørgensen / DAMVAD Group

12:30 Lunch, exhibition, networking

A framework for the Fast Set-Up of Robot Assembly Solutions

Norbert Kruger / SDU - The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller institute

Massive Parallelism in Graphics Processors

Tomas Akenine-Möller / Intel Corporation, Advanced Rendering Technology Group

Healthcare 3.0

Peter Løngreen / DTU Systems Biology

Realtime 3D Model Acquisition of Deformable Objects

Sebastian Nesgaard Jensen / DTU compute

Experiments with a data-public: Bridging the quali-quantitative divide

Anders Koed Madsen / University of Aalborg - Dept. of Learning and Philosophy

14:15 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Electrical Simulation of Cochlear Implants based on Patient Specific Shape Modelling

Mario Ceresa / Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Airtame: A Wireless Platform

Marius Klausen / Airtame

Using Bio-Imaging to Look at the In Vivo Distribution of Drugs

Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen / Novo nordisk

Measuring and Simulating Head-Related Transfer Functions using 3D Scanning and printing

Søren Laugesen / Oticon Research Centre

Layered Reconstruction for Defocus and Motion Blur

Jacob Munkberg / Intel Corporation, Advanced Rendering Technology Group

Quantification of Brain Atrophy by Tensor-based Morphometry in Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Trials

Mads Nielsen / Biomediq

New Methods to Interpret Hand X-Rays

Hans Henrik Thodberg / Visiana Aps

Ray tracing and the future of mobile graphics

Jens Fursund / Imagination Technologies

Heatmap-Based Tumor Heterogeneity Assesment in Malignant Melanoma

Anne-Sofie Wessel Lindberg / DTU Compute and Visiopharm

15:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

3D X-ray Imaging of Functioning Microsystems using Ptychography

Dag Werner Breiby / Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Large Scale Mapping of the Earths Natural Resources: Methodology and Computational Aspects of Airborne Electromagnetic Geophysics

Casper Kirkegaard / Aarhus University

Mobile Eye Tracking

Per Bækgaard / DTU Compute

Improving Tomographic Reconstruction

Emil Bøje Lind Pedersen / DTU Energy

Towards Real-Time Ship Hydrodynamics via Novel Methods

Stavros Kontos / DTU Mechanics

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Hospitals

Jacob Eric Nielsen / Managing director, Cortrium

16:45 Poster prizes and closing
19:00 Dinner