Visionday Posters

The guidelines for poster contribution can be found below together with the list of registered posters. This page will be continuously updated until the venue starts.

Poster chairman:
Monica Jane Emerson
Building 324, office 130
(+45) 4525 3427

All submitted posters must follow these guidelines

  1. The poster must be in A0/A1 format.

  2. If you participate with a poster, please indicate this during registration and notify the poster chairman by email. Please supply information regarding:

    • All authors.
    • Poster title.
    • Current enrollment (BSc, MSc or PhD).

  3. The following should be sent to the poster chairman no later than May 12th:

    • An electronic version of the poster (.pdf).
    • Poster PRINTING SERVICE for DTU STUDENTS: Email your poster (.pdf A0 format) to the poster chairman no later than May 7th and inform the poster chairman that you wish to have it printed. The poster will be ready for pick-up at the day of the conference at the registration desk.

  4. On the day of the conference

    • Simply bring your poster(s). Boards and pins for set-up will be provided, and you should immediately set-up the poster upon arrival at the conference (after registration).

    • Posters will be exhibited until the end of the conference.

Two poster templates can be found here; portrait.ppt and landscape.ppt.


    1. Anders H. Christiansen and Emil Gensby
      Listen to the singing paper! Recovering sound from inaudible videos [download]
    2. Peter Grønborg
      Making a 3D model of human skulls with optical scan [download]
    3. Julie L. C. Hansen,
      Dictionary based image segmentation [download]
    4. Nicolai F. Kolborg
      Road Pole Detection Using Template Matching [download]
    5. Dzenita Omanovic
      Automatic Feature Selection for Digital Pathology [download]
    6. Sophie Nielsen and Lise Aagesen
      Image Based Gait Analysis Of Rats Treated With Botox [download]
    7. Morten Lillethorup, Jens Pallisgaard, Andreas K. Steffensen and Kasper Schødt-Hansen
      Endoscopic Virtual Trainer [download]
    8. Cristina Matonte and Late Vitolina
      Gamification of physical rehabilitation using Kinect and EEG [download]
    9. Nicolas Barthelemy
      Procedural generation of 3D trees based on L-Systems in real-time graphics [download]


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