Visionday 2014 Programme
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= Industrial image analysis,
= Technologies for life science,
= Computer graphics,
= Medical image analysis
08:30 Registration and breakfast

Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility

Philip J. Withers / Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility, School of Materials, University of Manchester

10:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Modelling and Computation for Total Crystallography

Mirza Karamehmedovic / DTU Physics

Fast Procedural Modelling and Rendering - Elementacular!

Brian Bunch Christensen / The Alexandra Institute, Computer Graphics Lab

Recommendation Systems at Issuu

Morten Arngren / Issuu

DTU Imaging Center

Carsten Gundlach / DTU Physics

Tetrahedral Meshes at Work: Simulation, Segmentation, and Optimization

Asger Nyman Christiansen / DTU Compute

Life-cycle Wealth Management for Individuals

Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen / Schantz and DTU Management

11:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Bio-Medical Imaging at Max-IV

Martin Bech / Lund University

MADE - Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

Nigel Edmondson / MADE

Identification of Absorption Enhancers from Scientific Articles and Patents using text-mining (I2E)

Sten B. Christensen / Novo Nordisk

Texture Analysis for 3D Imaging

Anders Bjorholm Dahl / DTU Compute

Measuring Radiometric Properties and the Appropriateness of Existing Analytic BRDF Models

Jannik Boll Nielsen / DTU Compute

In Silico Screening of Absorption Enhancers

Søren Havelund Welling / Novo Nordisk and DTU Compute

12:30 Lunch, exhibition, networking

Computational Anatomy: Simple Statistics on Interesting Spaces for Developing Imaging Biomarkers Analysis

Sarang Joshi / University of Utah

Banding in Games - A Noisy Rant

Mikkel Gjøl / Playdead

GPS/GNSS-based Positioning, Navigation and Timing - Status and Evolution

Anna B.O. Jensen / AJ Geomatics

Automated Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Brain Images Using Bayesian Modeling

Oula Puonti / DTU Compute

Advanced WebGL

Morten Nobel-Jørgensen / DTU Compute

Basic Computer Vision Technology Applied Daily - UAV Data in Action

Søren Rolin / NIRAS

14:15 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Online Image Analysis Applications for Automated Segmentations using Shape Models

Karl Sjöstrand / Lund University

Fibre Optic Cameras for High Energy

Gareth Rogers / Andor Technology

Broadband Optical Characterization of Material Properties

Otto Nielsen / DTU Compute

Building a High-resolution Shape Model of the Cochlear using Micro-CT Scans

Martin Kjer / DTU Compute

A Glimpse Through the Letterbox: Quality Inspection of Lyophilized Product in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Kartheeban Nagenthiraja / InnoScan A/S

2D Static Light Scattering for Dairy Based Applications

Jacob Lercke Skytte / DTU Compute

Air-way Segmentation using Optimal Surfaces

Jens Petersen / University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science

Vision Systems for Glassworks

Jørgen Læssøe / JLI Vision A/S

Finite Element Modeling of Micro Scale Surface Phenomena

Mary Kathryn Thompson / DTU Mechanics

15:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

The Quest of Hyperspectral Imaging in Pharmaceutics for PAT Implementations

Jose Manuel Amigo Rubio / University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science

Vision for Robotics - Why Estimating Pose Uncertainty is Important

Henrik Gordon Petersen / The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute

"FindZebra" Machine Learning for Smart Apps

Ole Winther / DTU Compute

Drug Dissolution and Release Testing by UV Imaging

Jesper Østergaard / University of Copenhagen, Department of Pharmacy

From Research to Industrial Robot Vision

Michael Nielsen / TI Odense

Privacy Issues in Big Data

Lars Kai Hansen / DTU Compute

Cytotrack: Rare Cell and Circulating Tumor Cell Detection

Tom Hede Markussen / Cytotrack

LED Spectral Imaging

Jens Michael Carstensen / Videometer A/S

BIG1 - Big Data, Food Quality, Health Care, and Well-being - a Sector Development Project

Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll / DTU Compute

16:45 Poster prizes and closing
19:00 Dinner
Sponsors DTU Compute Medico Innovation