Visionday 2013 Programme
Programme top
= Industrial image analysis,
= Technologies for life science,
= Computer graphics,
= Medical image analysis
08:00 Registration and breakfast

Plenary talk: OverCoat: A journey in between primary and secondary space

Robert Sumner / Disney Research

10:00 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

3D pathway analysis of fuel cell electrode microstructure

Peter Stanley Jørgensen / DTU Energy Conversion

Monte Carlo rendering and Intel's Embree

Petrik Clarberg / Advanced Rendering Technology Team, Intel Corporation

Social network analysis by non-parametric bayesian relational models

Morten Mørup / DTU Compute


3DXRD tomography applied to rocks

Henning Osholm Sørensen / Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

WebGL path tracing - benchmark and challenges

Thomas Kjeldsen / Computer Graphics Lab, Alexandra Instituttet

Networks in organisations: How network data can improve collaboration

Lasse Kristiansen / Innovisor


Imaging and inversion in geoscience

Klaus Mosegaard / DTU Space

11:00 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Automatizing yogurt and cheese production - Supercontinuum light sources and diffuse reflectance

Otto H. A. Nielsen / DTU Compute

Architects and software: How the software design is changing the way architects are thinking

Morten Norman Lund / 3XN

Interfaces for self-regulation of brain activity using mobile devices

Camilla Falk Jensen / DTU Compute


A quantum leap in grain analysis

Nils Bo Büchmann / Foss

The computer as co-designer: Potentials and pitfalls in digitalized architecture

Søren Nielsen / Vandkunsten

The smartphone brain scanner: Online EEG source localization

Carsten Stahlhut / DTU Compute


Stereo vision in agriculture

Michael Sass Hansen / Claas Agrosystems


The internet of things

Christian Risom / SHAPE

12:00 Lunch, exhibition, networking

Digitized manufacturing for the 3rd industrial revolution

Kristian Kristensen / DTU Compute

Multiphase fluid simulation

Marek Krzysztof Misztall / Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Big data and innovation processes - A perspective on the mixing of soft and hard data facilitating innovation processes from idea to market

Jens Rønnow Lønholdt / LUCEUM

Spectral imaging

Jens Michael Carstensen, Videometer / DTU Compute

Toward the additive manufacturing revolution: The ecology of second generation 3D printers

David Bue Pedersen / DTU Mechanical Engineering

Physics and realism in ship simulation

Peter Jensen Schjeldahl / FORCE Technology Denmark

When the entire population is the sample. Strengths and limitations in register-based research

Annette Kjær Ersbøll / National Inst. of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

Quantitative histology using Visiopharm image analysis software and APPs


Digital manufacturing in 3D

David Fischer / 3Shape

13:45 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

An introduction to geographic information and the newly release of free imagery

Jesper Høi Skovdal / Geoforum

Terrain sculpting in Gameglobe

Peter Andreasen /

Big data - from twitter to smartphones

Sune Lehmann Jørgensen / DTU Compute

Quantitative histology using Visiopharm image analysis software and APPs


New data from airplanes, cars, on foot and in-doors - the need for advanced image analysis

Michael Schultz Rasmussen / COWI

Breaking the norm on incremental cross media asset production

Daniel Hagström Marthin / EUCROMA

Computer-intensive methods for the analysis of high-throughput genetic data

Gilles Guillot / DTU Compute


Interpolation in laser scanned height data

Allan A. Nielsen / DTU Space

Plausible real-time rendering for ship simulation

Artem Kuznetsov / FORCE Technology Russia

Behaviour analysis using optical flow

Ruta Gronskyte / DTU Compute

15:00 Refreshments, exhibition, networking

Applied image analysis for poultry quality control

Eigil Mølvig Jensen / IHFOOD A/S

Analyzing people in thermal imagery

Thomas Moeslund / Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University

Recent advances in (open source) sensometrics analysis tools

Per Bruun Brockhoff / DTU Compute

Quantitative histology using Visiopharm image analysis software and APPs


Multi-spectral imaging and patchiness in medical and ecological diagnostics

Mikkel Brydegaard Sørensen / Department of Physics, Lund University

Motiontracking using Kinect depth images

Mikkel Damgaard Olsen / DTU Compute

ordinal: A new R-package with numerous options for improved analysis and modelling of human perception data

Rune H.B. Christensen / DTU Compute


Imaging techniques for food quality assessment

Flemming Møller / Dupont Nutrition Biosciences ApS

Human motion analysis and tracking at Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Kim Steenstrup Pedersen / Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

lmerTest: A new R-package for linear mixed modelling with options of automated analysis of complex settings

Alexandra Kuznetsova / DTU Compute

16:30 Refreshments, exhibition, networking
16:45 Poster prizes, Medico Innovation and closing
19:00 Dinner at Fortunen
Sponsors Dalux ITMAN DTU Digitalarts DTU Food Medico Innovation