Getting to IMM

Sample of map of area Informatics and Mathematical Modelling (IMM) is a part of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and is situated in the town of Lyngby, about 15 kilometres north of the centre of Copenhagen.

When travelling from Copenhagen airport to Lyngby you may travel:
  • by taxi - about 30 minutes - about DKK 300

  • by airport train to Hellerup Station - about 25 minutes - DKK 21,
    and then from Hellerup Station by taxi to DTU - about 10 minutes - about DKK 75.

Public transportation from Copenhagen to Lyngby and DTU

  • S-train from Copenhagen Central Station, and from other stations in the centre, to Lyngby:

    • Lines A or E (direction Hillerød), B or B+ (direction Holte). Departure approximately every 10 minutes. Transportation time: 20 min. Price: 4 zones, DKK 28. If you plan to use public transportation all the way to DTU, you may buy a 5 zone ticket at DKK 35.

  • Bus from Lyngby station to IMM, DTU:

    • Busses No 190 (direction Holte Station), No 300S (direction Kokkedal).
      Transportation time 5-10 minutes. Price 2 zones DKK 14.

  • Taxi from Lyngby station to DTU - about 10 minutes - about 60 DKK

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