Visionday Posters

The guidelines for poster contribution can be found below together with the list of registered posters. This page will be continuously updated until the venue starts.

Poster chairman:

Mads Fogtmann Hansen
(+45) 4525 5258

If you want to enter a poster follow these guidelines

  1. The poster must be in A0 format.

  2. Posters are registered for a particular Visionday (medical, industrial, graphical) and participate in the poster competition on that day.

  3. If you participate with a poster, please indicate this during registration (deadline May 10) and notify the poster chairman by email. Please supply information regarding:

    • All authors.
    • Poster title.
    • Which day it should be registered for.
    • For the poster teaser sessions a short PowerPoint slideshow (max. two slides) must be submitted to the poster chairman no later than may 18 at 9am (hard deadline!). The teaser should contain
      • title,
      • authors,
      • one or two figures,
      • and a short text.

    In the teaser session a representative from each poster should do a brief presentation (~1 min.) of the poster based on the submitted teaser. You must use the provided teaser templates [Medical teaser, Industrial teaser, Graphical teaser]

    • For the graphical Visionday a selfcontaining (Win32) demo can also be submitted. This should be sent to Anders Wang Christensen (awk(a), same deadline. Test it on a different machine than the one used to develop! You will only have a few minutes to talk about your work, so your demo should load and run without requiring specification of commandline arguments or other time consuming manual procedures during start up. The brief poster presentation, based on the poster teaser, should last no more than 5 minutes on the graphical Visionday. Any last-minute demos should be handed over to Anders Wang Christensen personally, friday morning at 8.00am at the venue.

  4. An electronic version of the poster should be send to the poster chairman as soon as possible.

    1. Simply bring your poster(s) when you arrive at the conference.

    2. Posters will be exhibited until the end of the conference.

    Medical Visionday

    1. S. Lanche, T. A. Darvann, H. Ólafsdóttir, N. V. Hermann, A. van Pelt, D. Govier, M. J. Tenenbaum, S. Naidoo, P. Larsen, R. Larsen, B.K. Ersbøll, E. Oubel, A.F. Frangi, C.A. Frangi, S. Kreiborga and A. A. Kane
      Point-Wise Quantification of Asymmetry Applied to Craniofacial Data.

    2. Simon Fischer and Peter Skovgaard Nielsen.
      Neuromorphological interpretation of clinical outcome
      . [download]

    Industrial Visionday

    1. Søren Hauberg, Jakob Sloth and Dan R. Jørgensen
      Creating Panoramas with minimal user interaction.

    2. Søren Blond Daugaard.
      A Method for Frying Treatment Assessment of Meat Using Multi-Spectral Vision Technology
      . [download]

    3. Torbjørn Kristensen and Javier San Agustin.
      Face Detection Using Multi-Resolution Active Shape Models.

    4. Flemming Christensen, Deogratius Musiige and Eysteinn Sigurðsson
      Face Recognition, part of course 02503.

    5. Niels Dujardin, Ole Helvig Jensen and Morten Abilgaard Pedersen.
      Female beautification without beer.

    6. Alexander Tureczek, Mark Lyksborg and Anders Jensen.
      Bacon klassificering.

    7. Kristian Tjelafe Klinkby and Allan Gøttig.
      Pig Project.

    8. Allan Gøttig, Andrei Diakonov and Jacob Lercke Skytte.
      Gait Score Estimation of Broilers.

    9. Mads Fogtmann Hansen and Søren Gylling Erbou.
      Spine Marrow Detection for a Slaughterhouse Robot.

    10. Line Harder Clemmensen.
      Objective classification of Penicillium fungi.

    Graphical Visionday

    1. Rasmus Christian Pedersen
      focus + context.
      [ download]

    2. Lennarth Hansen, Niels Berg
      Real-Time Wind Simulation.
      [ download]

    3. Jakob Udsholt, Christian Thode Larsen
      Real-Time rendering, Particle systems and effects.
      [ download]

    4. Thomas Vesterløkke Christensen
      Particle System on the GPU.
      [ download]

    5. Andrei Diakonov, Morten Rask
      Advanced Ligthing and Texturing in GLSL.
      [ download]

    6. Jens Andersen, Bjarne Mortensen
      Modeling View Dependent Surface Point Radiance with Parameter Maps.
      [ download]

    7. Adam Heleniak, Alexi Akl
      SAFE RIDE.
      [ download]

    8. Jacob Lercke Skytte
      Car Noir.
      [ download]

    9. Jakub Cupisz, Thomas Køhrsen
      SPLAT! - Sticky Particles Live Alternating Textures.
      [ download]

    10. Nareerat Leelawat
      Tour into the picture using a vanishing line.
      [ download]

    11. Ársæll Þór Jóhannsson
      GPU Particle System .
      [ download]

    12. Peder Johansen og Anders Scheel Nielsen
      Virtual Displacement Mapping.
      [ download]

    13. Daniel Povlsen
      Displacement Mapping Using Geometry Shaders.
      [ download]

    14. Simon Tobiasen , Erik Livermore
      City Engine using L-Systems.
      [ download]

    15. Christian Højgaard Pedersen, Thomas Lefevre
      Realistic Water Rendering.
      [ download]

    16. Youjun Hu
      3D Virtual DTU Campus map.
      [ download]


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