DTU Visiondag

Medical and Computer Graphics Visionday at DTU

Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

Organizations, companies, universities and other institutions with an interest in medical image analysis and computer graphics are invited to join an informations and demonstration day, Tuesday, June 4th, 2002 at DTU in building 308. The medical and computer graphics visionday is held by Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, DTU.


Register here no later than May 15th. The registration fee is DKK 1.500,- and includes participation in the lectures, exhibition, proceedings, refreshments, and lunch. The participants are invited to exhibit.

For members of the Danish Automation Society (DAu), Danish Robotics Society (DIRA), the Danish Biomedical Society (DMTS) and the Danish Pattern Recognition Society (DSAGM) a reduced fee of DKK 1.300,- is applicable.


8.00- 9.00 Registration, exhibition, demonstrations, coffee and rolls.
9.00- 9.10 Wellcome and introduction. Professor Knut Conradsen, IMM, DTU
9.10- 10.00 A few high points of Medical Informatics at Linköping University. Professor Hans Knutsson, Medical Informatics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden
10.00- 10.30 Surface-uniform sampling (SUGOS), possibilities and limitations. Professor Hans Jørgen G. Gundersen, Stereological Research Laboratory
10.30- 10.50 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations.


11.10 Hands-on experience with active appearance models. Associate professor, Ph.D. Hans Henrik Thodberg, IMM, DTU 10.50-



The Technology behind Computer Games. Thomas Jakobsen, Ph.D., Head of R&D at IO Interactive



11.30 Robust automated detection and tracking of blood vessels in retinal fundus images. M.Sc.(eng) Ebbe Sørensen, Torsana Diabetes Diagnostics 11.20-



Real-Time Recursive Specular Reflections. Kasper Høy Nielsen, M.Sc.(eng), Research Assistant, IMM, DTU



11.50 Automated visual scoring of psoriasis. M.Sc., Ph.D. student David Delgado Gomez, IMM, DTU 11.35-



Real-Time Terrain Rendering using Smooth Hardware Optimized Level of Detail. Bent D. Larsen, M.Sc.(eng), Ph.D. Student, IMM, DTU

11.50- 13.30 Lunch, exhibitions, demonstrations
13.30- 13.50

Statistical shape analysis of the human ear canal. M.Sc.(eng), industrial Ph.D. student Rasmus R. Paulsen, IMM, DTU and Oticon

13.50- 14.20

Dense surface models of the human face with medical applications. Research fellow Tim Hutton, Biomedical Informatics, Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, UK

14.20- 14.45

Customized hearing aid production using 3D scanning and modelling. Tais Clausen, 3shape

14.45- 15.10

Nabla vision: An interactive segmentation tool.   Martin Lillholm, Generic Vision and The IT University of Copenhagen

15.10- 15.30 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations.
15.30- 15.50

Interactive Volume Visualization using Commodity Hardware. Andeas Bærentzen, M.Sc.(eng), IMM, DTU

15.50- 16.00

Using Cellular Phones to Access Virtual Environments. Bent D. Larsen, M.Sc.(eng), Ph.D. Student, IMM, DTU

16.00- 16.10

Discussion and closing remarks. Associate professor Rasmus Larsen, IMM, DTU

16.10- 17.00 Exhibition, demonstrations, refreshments.

Demonstrations, Exhibitors and Posters will  be continuously updated until the Vision Days


Face Recognition by Mikkel B. Stegmann, M.Sc.(eng), Ph.D. Student, IMM, DTU - During both days it will possible to try out parts of our software for face recognition. The AAMExplorer will be available for interactive creation of human faces, which subsequently could be used to detect unseen faces. Further, a demonstration of the system in action will be shown.

VR-C - The UNI-C and DTU Virtual Reality Centre is open for demonstrations during the DTU Visiondays


Reachin -  is  a provider of state of the art human computer interface technology and will be a world-leading solution provider of medical training and planning systems and Oil & Gas planning products. Reachin human computer interface technology is the combination of software and hardware that enables a user to reach in and touch everything that the computer is set up to display.

Torsana Diabetes Diagnostics - The RetinaLyze® System is a new and clinically proven image processing software for detecting potential retinal lesions from fundus images or colour slides. The software assists you in analyzing and annotating potential lesions in the retina. It integrates patient data, images and grading protocols to give you a comprehensive overview of of the patients condition

BFI Optilas - Hardware for imaging systems

Image Metrology - Advanced image processing for easy and accurate measurements using scanning probe microscopy

Image House - computer vision and image analysis solutions to industry and end-users

Unit-One - Vision systems for research and industry

Videometer - Videometer specializes in automated visual measurements and visual control and is focusing on development of high performance vision systems for a broad range of industries.

Delta Lys & Optik - Manufacturing of equipment and components within optical filters and coatings, road test equipment, fluorescence detection systems; Advanced computer aided lighting simulation; Development and consulting services within the fields of lighting  and optoelectronics; Photometric and radiometric testing and calibration

Student Posters

Mathematical modelling of mandibular metamorphosis by Mark Wrobel, IMM, DTU

Automated registration of ear canals by by Allan Reinhold Jensen, IMM, DTU

Skeletal status assessment based on single bone X-ray by Adolfo Garcia Alcaraz, IMM, DTU

Brain cortex segmentation by Javier Maicas Sebastian, IMM, DTU

Colon segmentation in virtual colonography by Esteban Bel Navarro, IMM, DTU

Image segmentation using Geometric and non Geometric models: A comparison between the level set method and snake models by Alaa El-Hussuna The IT University of Copenhagen , Kjeld V Hansen, IMM, DTU &  Michael Lund, The IT University of Copenhagen

Minimum Description Length Modelling of face silhouettes by Camilla Magnussen, IMM, DTU & Jesper Skjerning, IMM, DTU

Psoriasis by Sune Darkner, IMM, DTU, Toke K Jensen, IMM, DTU & David Delgado Gomez, IMM, DTU

Teksturanalyse af svampe med Gabor-filtre by Dorthe Hofman-Bang, IMM, DTU & Thomas K Stolz, IMM, DTU


Further information

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